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Do you live in New York Long Island? My name is Michelle Cesare, and I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I started working in the restaurant business at eleven years old, which led me to set up displays to promote brand-name food products, and ended my W-2 jobs working in the grocery industry. Giving customer service by up-selling and serving food comes naturally to me. I’m good at it. It’s in my blood. I then found myself selling food products online by building websites of my own. Again, I’m good at up-selling, and I continue to add products to this website.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I follow industries and do a lot of research. One day I came across an App called Dumpling. It’s an App for people to use to start their own small business. The moment I understood the concept of the Dumpling business model, I knew I wanted to use the Dumpling App to open a Personal Shopper business. Again, the focus of the service revolves around food, and providing customer service in the food industry is my strong suit. So, if you live in New York Long Island Nassau County area, visit my Dumpling Personal Shopper profile to hire me.

Long Island Personal Shopper
Long Island Personal Shopper
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