Bleach Blonde Streaks

You can highlight your hair at home, on the cheap, and produce professional results. The more you do it, the better you will get.

What products would you need to highlight your hair at home? A crochet needle (usually included with a frosting cap), a frosting cap, powered bleach, and peroxide. Lookup beauty supply stores where no hairdressing license is needed to shop. You will save a lot of money and be able to buy supplies for several applications.

If you want to learn how I highlight my hair at home to save money and time and produce quality results, check out the video below.

A suggestion to help produce an even highlight throughout a head of hair. Don’t pull out a lot of hair. Perform a trial run to get the feel of how much hair to pull out the next time you highlight your hair. Also, color your hair to match your natural color hair. Dry your hair first, then use the frosting cap to pull out strands of hair to frost. A two-step coloring process is required to produce professional-looking results.

Bleach Blonde Streaks

Bleach blonde hair at home.

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Frosting hair highlighting
Do-It-Yourself Hair Frosting
Close up of Do-It-Yourself hair-lightening
Do-It-Yourself Hair Frosting

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