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Eggplant Caponata

Caponata is a popular Sicilian dish featuring eggplant as one of its main ingredients. It’s a sweet and sour flavor dish enjoyed by many. Eggplant gets used in many cuisines, and one of the most popular dishes an eggplant gets used for is in Caponata. Caponata is a Sicilian recipe with chopped fried eggplant, vegetables, […]

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Authentic Italian Soups

Pasta Fazool Neapolitan Bean ~ Tuscan White Bean ~ Tuscan Farro & Bean Minestrone ~ Chicken Noodle ~ Sicilian Split Pea ~ Porcini Mushroom ~ Sicilian Lentil Alessi Soup Mix Italian Variety, 6 Flavors Include Sicilian Split Pea, Neapolitan Bean, Sicilian Lentil, Chicken Flavored Noodle, Tuscan White Bean and… Browse Alessi Products A Classic Minestrone

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Autentico Italian Freshness

All-natural Ingredients ~ No Complicated Fillers ~ No Additives ~ No Synthetic DyesFresh & Clean Ingredients Straight From Italy Alessi Food Products Alessi Italian Style Bread Crumbs Alessi Italian Style Breadsticks Alessi Cannoli Shells Alessi Capers Alessi Eggplant Caponata Alessi Cookies Alessi Espresso Alessi Italian Style Farro Alessi Garlic Puree Alessi Potato & Gluten Free

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