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Garlic Puree

The Alessi company was founded in 1947 by Tony and Rosalie Alessi, in a backyard garage in Tampa, Florida.

Garlic puree is a paste made from garlic cloves that have been boiled and then blended or mashed into a smooth consistency. It can add flavoring to many dishes as soups, stews, sauces, and marinades. Garlic puree can be used as a spread on bread or crackers too.

Boil peeled garlic cloves until soft and either blend or mash the garlic into a smooth consistency similar to hummus.

Drizzle in your favorite olive oil and add salt and pepper.

Alessi Authentic Quality Italian Food

Garlic Puree

Wild garlic pesto puree.
Peeled raw garlic.

Some popular products of Alessi Foods are:

Alessi Sea Salt and Peppercorn Grinder Set, which are adjustable grinders that add flavor to any dish.

Alessi Sea Salt and Peppercorn Grinder Set, which are adjustable grinders that add flavor to any dish.

Alessi Balsamic Reduction, which is a thick and sweet sauce made from balsamic vinegar.

Vigo Yellow Rice, which is a signature dish made with saffron and other spices.

Alessi Soups, Risottos, and Farros, which are easy to prepare and offer a variety of flavors and textures.

A family-owned company founded in 1947 by Tony and Rosalie Alessi in Tampa, Florida, producing authentic Italian products like olive oils, pasta, sauces, soups, rice dishes, and more.

Tony and Rosalie began selling meats and cheeses and later expanded to produce products reflecting their Sicilian heritage.

Alessi uses all-natural ingredients, no-fillers rich flavors, no unnecessary additives or synthetic dyes.

Alessi Foods is known for using high-quality ingredients, rich flavors, and artistic presentation of its products.

Not all Alessi Foods products are organic, but some of them are. Organic examples are pasta, farro, balsamic vinegar, and white balsamic vinegar.

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