Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An olive botanical name is Olea europaea, which stands for ‘European olive’ in Latin, and is a species of a small tree or shrub in the family of Oleaceae. Oleaceae, also known as the olive family or the lilac family, is a taxonomic family (In biology, taxonomy is the scientific study of naming, defining, and classifying groups of biological organisms based on shared characteristics.) of flowering shrubs, trees, and a few lianas in the order Lamiales.

Olive Tree
Image by Karl Oss Von Iya from Pixabay
Olive Tree

Are olives a fruit or a vegetable?

Olives are categorized as fruit because an olive grows from a flower containing a seed, although olives are not naturally sweet. Raw olives are incredibly bitter, so once harvested, they usually get preserved in salt or brine.

Extracting oil from an olive happens at a temperature lower than 80.6 Fahrenheit (27 Celcius) by mechanical extraction by grinding olives to separate the solids and fruit water.

How is olive oil made?

  1.  Harvest and collection of the olive.
  2. Storage in oil mills.
  3. Cold extraction process.
  4. Analysis and quality control.
  5. Packaging of the final product.

Is there a difference between extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil?

Yes, there is.

Extra-virgin olive oil is pure and unrefined and only uses cold-pressed methods.

Regular olive oil is a blend of cold-pressed and processed oils.

How to store olive oil?

To help increase the shelf-life of olive oil, store it in a dark-colored glass or stainless steel container and in a cool, dry area not exposed to sunlight. Exposing olive oil to sunlight can degrade its quality.

What is the shelf life of olive oil?

After opening a bottle of olive oil, 18 to 24 months for regular olive oil and 12 to 18 months for extra virgin. Less processed means shorter shelf-life.

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Alessi Sea Salt and Peppercorn Grinder Set, which are adjustable grinders that add flavor to any dish.

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A family-owned company founded in 1947 by Tony and Rosalie Alessi in Tampa, Florida, producing authentic Italian products like olive oils, pasta, sauces, soups, rice dishes, and more.

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