Dressing and Vinegar

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Regina Wine Vinegar

A premium vinegar for cooking and offers a depth of taste to any salad.  Regina red wine vinegar gives full flavor from its grape.

Product Description

Regina has a long history of high-quality food products. In 1906, the Ellena family sailed from Italy to America and settled in California, in the fertile valley of the Sierra Madre Mountains. There they planted vineyards, and their family business grew to become the Regina Grape Products Company. Regina, Italian for “queen,” was chosen to celebrate the royal quality of their grapes. Today, Regina continues to set the standard for fine wine vinegars.

Red wine vinegar comes from fermented red wine and has a tangy flavor that enhances vinaigrettes and marinades.

The wine goes through a fermentation process, where acetic acid bacteria convert the alcohol into acetic acid and create the characteristic sour taste red wine vinegar is known for.

Red wine vinegar adds a pleasant tangy flavor to recipes such as salad dressings, marinades, pickling, and sauces.

Red wine flavor depends on where the wine comes from and the quality of the wine. The taste varies depending on the type and quality of the wine used during fermentation.

Cooking wine is a product that contains wine along with preservatives, sodium, and sweeteners.

Cooking wine has a higher alcohol by volume level compared to regular wine. Cooking wine is not recommended to drink but is perfect to use in recipes as most of the alcohol gets burned off during the cooking process.

If using regular wine when cooking, avoid oaky wines (like Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay), as these become bitter when cooked.


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