Cripps Pink Apples

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A Cripps Pink apple is a cultivar type of apple. It sells under the name Pink Lady. Breed by John Cripps at the Western Australia Department of Agriculture by crossing the Australian apple Lady Williams with a Golden Delicious. The Cripps Pink apple is a combination of the firm, long-storing property of Lady Williams with the sweetness and lack of storage scald of Golden Delicious.

The growth and development of a Cripps Pink apple require a long 200-day growth period in a hot climate. It’s challenging to grow Cripps Pink apples in early Winter climates due to early Winter freezes.

Cripps Pink Apples
Cripps Pink Apples – Image by Jose Luis Montesino from Pixabay

Of course, adding healthy fruits to your daily diet is wise. However, eating organic fruits is smarter. Why? No chemicals. Eating foods with minimal chemicals helps prevent early illness.

The sugar found in apples is fructose. When fructose gets consumed in whole fruit, it has little effect on blood sugar levels. In addition, fibers found in apples slow down the digestive system.

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