Food Shopping App Long Island

Food Shopping App Long Island
Food Shopping App Long Island

Hire a personal shopper who is a small business owner. Pay fewer fees, save money, receive in-store sales and promotions, and know who is shopping and delivering for you.

Stop using robot Apps to place a shopping order. Download the dumpling App, place an order, and CHOOSE to connect with a dumpling personal shopper.

Create a staple list to easily place future orders using the “Buy Again” button.

Dumpling charges a 5% platform fee which is minimal compared to third-party Apps like InstaCart, UberEats, DoorDash, Shipt, and Spark.

Get to know a few dumpling small business owners who work for you instead of hiring strangers. Over time a personal shopper learns about your shopping habits.

Stop paying ridiculous high fees. Instead, hire a dumpling small business owner. Never pay more for products (dumpling never markup product prices), never pay membership fees, and you support a small business owner who helps support local businesses.

Dumpling clients don’t pay the credit card processing fee. The dumpling small business owner covers the cost.

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