Honeycrisp Apple

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Minnesota designated the Honeycrisp Apple as the state fruit in 2006.

Pepin Heights Orchards delivered the first Honeycrisp apples to grocery stores in 1997. Honeycrisp apples are a prized commercial commodity, for their sweetness, firmness, and tartness make them an ideal apple for eating raw. Honeycrisps have large cells compared to other breeds of apples, and when bitten, the cells produce their juiciness. The Honeycrisp also retains its pigment well and boasts a relatively long shelf life when stored in chill dry conditions.

Honeycrisp apple flowers are self-sterile, so another apple variety must be nearby as a pollenizer to get fruit. Other apple varieties are needed to produce Honeycrisp apples.

Honeycrisp Apples
Honeycrisp Apples
Image by Michele Walfred from Pixabay

Of course, adding healthy fruits to your daily diet is wise. However, eating organic fruits is smarter. Why? No chemicals. Eating foods with minimal chemicals helps prevent early illness.

The sugar found in apples is fructose. When fructose is consumed in whole fruit, it has little effect on blood sugar levels. In addition, fibers found in apples slow down the digestive system.

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