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With science and technology working together, there is no reason why people must live being uncomfortable in their skin. Tweaking one’s appearance with little downtime gives a person the opportunity to improve their confidence without surgery. Non-invasive with minimal downtime to uplift an appearance has become a common practice.

I took the plunge to fix my sagging neck fat. The more weight I lost, the larger the fat on my neck got. I decided to have a coolsculpting treatment performed, and I was not happy with the results. I then decided to get a Kybella treatment done. I had three Kybella treatments done over a year and a half. I am pleased with the results. I feel confident again when looking in the mirror. When I walk fast, I don’t feel my neck fat jiggling. I support the Kybella treatment as a way to minimize neck fat.

Kybella Neck Fat Removal

I received coolsculpting and Kybella rat nets. I support Kybella. Kybella works.

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