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Treat chronic pain with red light therapy.

In Chronic pain? Red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin to help reduce pain. Red light therapy penetrates deeply into tissues for rejuvenation compared to traditional heating pads that only offer relief on contact.

Red light therapy and inflammation treatments offer a natural way to alleviate inflammation by increasing blood flow to an inflamed area. The increased blood flow brings oxygen to an inflamed area and helps reduce throbbing inflammation. Reducing inflammation helps with being more active, and being more active helps reduce joint pain. However, it is challenging to move more when living with chronic pain.

Pulled muscles tighten. When muscles become tight, a person naturally moves less. Stretching muscles do not regularly cure a pulled tight muscle. Injuries produce Fibrin, and if Fibrin does not detach from an inflamed area, the inflamed area becomes stiff and causes pain.

I have lived with Chronic pain for almost five years straight. The information I share is knowledge I gained from living with chronic pain. Doing hours of research to trial and error on natural options to help reduce the pain has and is working for me.

I support red light therapy treatments. It works for me.

Red Light Pain Therapy Video
Red Light Therapy Video

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