Long Island I’ll Food Shop For You

From paper goods to dairy to produce to poultry, if your local favorite food store sells it, I can shop and deliver the products you need and use to save your time and effort.

I’m a Long Island Personal Shopper who provides a shopping service targeting Long Island Nassau County. If you wish to hire a Personal Shopper, visit my Dumpling profile to learn about the prices, times, and days I’m available. https://shop.dumpling.us/michelle26

Do you live in New York Long Island? My name is Michelle Cesare, and I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I started working in the restaurant business at eleven years old, which led me to set up displays to promote brand-name food products, and ended my W-2 jobs working in the grocery industry. Giving customer service by up-selling and serving food comes naturally to me. I’m good at it. It’s in my blood. I then found myself selling food products online by building websites of my own. Again, I’m good at up-selling, and I continue to add products to this StoreBuy.shop website.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I follow industries and do a lot of research. One day I came across an App called Dumpling. It’s an App for people to use to start their own small business. The moment I understood the concept of the Dumpling business model, I knew I wanted to use the Dumpling App to open a Personal Shopper business. Again, the focus of the service revolves around food, and providing customer service in the food industry is my strong suit. So, if you live in New York Long Island Nassau County area, visit my Dumpling Personal Shopper profile to hire me. https://shop.dumpling.us/michelle26

I’m a personal shopper that shops for you at food stores and convenience stores. I can get what you need and deliver it to your front door. Perhaps you don’t like shopping, or you prefer the convenience of someone shopping for you, you may not have time to shop, or perhaps you may not physically be able to shop yourself…whatever the reason, I’m offering my services to take care of that shopping chore for you.

I’ve been a gig worker for several years, previously working for services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. However, after working the third-party apps, I thought of opening my own business, and one day when I heard about the Dumpling app – which is a versatile digital platform that accepts orders and processes payments – I knew the time had come to strike out on my own.

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