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Living with chronic pain lowers a person’s quality of life. Everyday decisions revolve around enduring chronic pain. From waking up in the morning to performing daily activities and how to sleep at night is not only physically exhausting, it becomes mentally draining. Moving throughout the day with chronic pain is all a person thinks about.

Why would a person live years in pain before seeking medical attention? Because using medication daily only masks the pain and can damage organs from daily use. Cortisone shots only mask pain, and in many cases, people who follow through with an operation also continue to live with chronic pain after the fact. I’ve witnessed it too many times, and because of that, I decided to try alternative treatments to rid the chronic pain.

No medication needed.
Before and after pain level visual.

If you are still reading, you made it through this post’s introduction, and I would have to believe you are still reading because you are someone living with daily pain. I feel for you because living with pain can start to dictate your life’s way of life. It’s a fact. Living with chronic pain becomes a way of life.

One day, I came across an ad promoting an alternative pain treatment. I contacted the number, got the doctor on the phone, and he explained how his treatment worked to reduce my pain level. I believed in what you stated and set the appointment to start treatments.

Below is a letter I wrote to the doctor. I wanted him to know how much his alternative medical treatment helped me. Am I now living pain-free? On a scale from 1 to 10, my pain was at an 8, and after seven treatments, my pain is at a level 2. Because I’m experiencing incredible pain relief, I plan on receiving another round of treatments. I believe receiving another round of treatments will allow me to live pain-free. I experienced a post-treatment reaction that stiffened my knees, which temporarily made it difficult for me to walk. However, as days passed, I experienced more pain-free moments. All of a sudden, I was not constantly thinking of pain. I noticed myself moving in ways I have not moved in years without feeling pain. Read the letter content below. In my opinion, the letter tells you all you need to know about the alternative pain treatment available if you are open-minded.

If you decide to see Dr. Veltre, please tell him that Michelle Cesare sent you. I’m not promoting him for payment. However, referring people gets me a discount on future treatments.

Pain Relief Letter of Direction

My letter to Dr. Veltre

Pain Relief Letter of Direction

Dr. Veltre,

Thank you for being a unique doctor who thinks out of the box. Your vision of using advanced alternative treatments to help minimize people’s pain has allowed me to live without constant pain. I would wake up in pain, go throughout the day in pain, and end my day in pain. Living secretly in pain was my reality. I’ve been physically active a little more each day. I’m no longer in constant pain. For the past 6+ years, I’ve endured chronic knee pain. Not anymore.

Before meeting with you, I wasted a few thousand dollars trying another alternative treatment that only temporarily masked my knee pain.

Your alternative treatment to minimize pain has given me back to living comfortably again.

I will continue to rehabilitate myself. How? I will continue to walk more, use the stairs more, and walk straight without limping more. Because I’m not feeling constant pain, I can retrain my body to move the way it used to move.

I’ll be back for future treatments. I believe your treatment will eliminate all the pain in due time. I want to keep moving to see how I feel after a couple of months before another round of treatments. I believe your treatment will eventually eliminate all of my knee pain.

I’ll see you around Dr. Veltre. Thank you.

Michelle Cesare

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