Pumpernickel Pizza Bread

Do you enjoy pizza? If so, you might want to consider making pizza of your own without the need for a pizza oven or stove oven. Using a small compact toaster oven will cook the pizza bread perfectly.

I decided to create a unique version of home-baked pizza bread to stop buying store-bought pizza bread, and the pizza bread recipe uses lighter ingredients. The recipe uses fresh herbs, tastes better, has fewer calories, and costs less than buying prepared store-bought pizza bread.

You can use clean ingredients to prepare delicious and flavorful pumpernickel pizza bread and do so on the cheap. All the ingredients used are affordable and used to create many meals. Also, the pumpernickel pizza bread is 99% non-GMO. All ingredients used are quality, clean ingredients.

The video below shows you how I prepare and cook the pumpernickel pizza bread easily and fast.

Pumpernickel Pizza Bread

Healthier clean eating on the cheap. Damn good.

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