Mexican Spices and Mixes

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Chili powder is not only for chili dishes chili powder can be added to many different Mexican meals to add a unique flavor to Mexican cuisine. Buena Vida can be the secret ingredient of a pot of chili in any Mexican recipe. Buena Vida will bring an award-winning taste to any dish.

Las Palmas

Home-taste cooking does not always need to be prepared from scratch. Preparing a base of ingredients to add homemade Mexican flavor can transform a recipe into a home-cooked meal within minutes. Add the unique taste of Mexico with Las Palmas. Whip up an authentic Mexican meal in half the time.

Cumin, Mexican oregano, cilantro, and epazote are spices and herbs used in Mexican dishes. The ingredients contribute to the complex and intense flavors commonly associated with Mexican cuisine.

Chiles add heat, flavor, and color to many dishes. Jalapeño, serrano, poblano, and chipotle add spice to salsas and sauces.

A fundamental component of Mexican cuisine is tortillas made from corn or wheat. They serve as the base for many dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas.

Salsas are an integral part of Mexican cuisine, offering a range of flavors from mild to fiery. Tomatoes, onions, chiles, and cilantro are common ingredients in classic salsas.

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