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Molasses is a viscous substance produced from refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar.

Molasses comes in different types. There are light, dark, and blackstrap molasses levels.

  1. Light molasses is the syrup resulting from the first boiling. It is light in color, is the sweetest, and is commonly used as syrup or sweetener.
  2. Dark molasses is the syrup that results from the second boiling process. Of course, darker in color and less sweet than light molasses and is often used in baking and cooking. Gingerbread cookies, baked beans, and barbecue sauces include molasses as a flavoring agent.
  3. Blackstrap molasses is the syrup that results from the third boiling and has a robust flavor. It is the thickest and darkest type of molasses and offers a more bitter taste.

Using quality ingredients does produce a better-tasting recipe and dish. Manufacturing a quality ingredient starts at the production level.

Brer Rabbit Molasses comes from sun-ripened sugarcane that has no Sulphur Dioxide. Unsulfured molasses that contains no preservatives, artificial flavor, and or artificial coloring.

Brer Rabbit Molasses offers three flavor grades: mild, robust, and blackstrap, and two syrup varieties: original and light.

Molasses is a defining component of commercial brown sugar, and it’s also one of the primary ingredients used for distilling rum.

Grandma’s Molasses

Grandma’s Molasses has been a secret ingredient in baked goods since its introduction in 1890. Two distinct styles: Grandma’s Original Molasses and Grandma’s Robust Molasses.

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