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Vegetable Shortening and Cooking Oil

Crisco was introduced in June 1911 by Proctor and Gamble. It was the first shortening to be made entirely of vegetable oil (cottonseed). After rejecting the names “Krispo” and “Cryst” (for its obvious religious connotations), the name Crisco came about from modifying the phrase crystallized cottonseed oil. An interesting fact. Cottonseed oil comes from cotton plants of various species and is used to ensure the fat remains solid at typical room temperature.

Crisco became the first shortening product and cooking oil made of plant-based oils that produced a lighter taste when baking and frying food. Crisco has become the number one brand of shortening and the number one brand of vegetable oil, in addition to its leadership position in other cooking oils and cooking sprays.

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The Bloch and Guggenheimer families were immigrants that founded the B&G brand in 1889. The families started selling pickles in the streets of Manhattan, and the B&G brand continued to expand over the years. The B&G brand formed the nucleus of B&G Foods in 1996.

B&G Foods acquired the Crisco brand in December 2020.

Additionally, Crisco brands include cooking spray, various olive oils such as canola, corn, peanut, sunflower, and blended oils.

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