Red Delicious Apple

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Red Delicious apples have a very mild and sweet flavor, and many people find them bland in taste compared to other varieties of apples. A few examples are the Gala, Golden Delicious, and Fuji.

More facts about Red Delicious apples are they won’t withstand cooking temperatures. Using them to bake apple pies is not suggested. Red Delicious apples are great for cheese platters and snaking.

Red Delicious Apples
Red Delicious Apples
Image by dference from Pixabay

Of course, adding healthy fruits to your daily diet is wise. However, eating organic fruits is smarter. Why? No chemicals. Eating foods with minimal chemicals helps prevent early illness.

The sugar found in apples is fructose. When fructose is consumed in whole fruit, it has little effect on blood sugar levels. In addition, fibers found in apples slow down the digestive system.

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