Traditional Pretzel Shape

Pretzels are the perfect base for hundreds of recipes. Eating pretzels offer a healthy, low-calorie snack, great for dips, baked with flavoring, dipped in chocolate, caramel, or yogurt (sweet and salty pretzel snacks are delicious), perfect for marshmallow smores, to adding to cakes, cupcakes, and peanut butter dipping. Whatever the recipe, a pretzel braid, knot, twist, stick, round, or pieces can create or enhance the recipe.

Pretzel pronunciations. In standard German, pretzels are called Breze.

Two popular pretzel varieties are soft pretzels and hard pretzels. Soft pretzels are best eaten right after preparation, and hard-baked pretzels have a long shelf life.

Pretzel flavors examples include salt, mustard, cheeses, sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, sweet glazing, seeds, and nuts.

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